Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Highlights from the last few months...

It's been a while since my last post, and now I finally have the time to write as I'm avoiding packing up my french life to start bringing stuff back to England.

It's been a busy few months, so I'm thinking that I'll just pick a few highlights, whack in some pretty pics and wow you with some clips even.

1) France has a new President!
 I should hope that everyone knows this, but I was fortunate enough to be here during the very very close election. Francois Hollande only won with 51.62%...

We went to the socialist party's celebrations at Place de la Victoire, which was all pimped out with big wide screens, music and lots of happy people dancing into the night. It was so lovely, such a nice ambience. Sean Paul was played so I was very content.

However once the official party had ended, lots of the local hooligans came out, and set fire to pretty much anything, boxes, bins etc, and were just generally being disgusting, throwing glass bottles into the crowd, thowing fireworks into the fire..

Typically, I got a bit into it and started screaming at them in my still awful broken french. Im not sure it did much good, but I did help break up a fight. Always on the front line of a bit of political action!

2) Biarritz / St Jean de Luz / La Rhune

At the top!
In April myself and a few pals went on a day of adventure, reminiscent of my beloved Duke of Edinburgh days. Everyone loves a good hike!
It took a few hours to get to the top of the mountain, then we took the little train thing back down the mountain. Lazy people can get the train up too, but keen outdoorsmen like ourselves were having none of that.

After conquering the mountain in my much missed hiking boots, we hopped back in the car and spent the rest of the afternoon in St Jean de Luz, being May, I thought it was high time I wasn't the only one braving the Atlantic, so Rachel and I went in together, not actually thaaat cold compared to San Seb in March...

We then got back in the car and headed to Biarritz for dinner, which after hunting for a restaurant for about twelve thousand years, we managed to find the most incredible place on earth. I was so devastated to leave. I don't exactly remember what we ate, I just remember being really really happy.

Finally it was time to leave and blast out some Sean Paul for the drive back to Bordeaux.

3) Mum's visit

Dune du Pyla
Last month my mama came to visit for her birthday. Ellis gals on tour 2k12. We spent her birthday on the beach at Arcachon, then visited the Dune du Pyla. I had been given the day off work as I was making up hours on other days, but we were lucky, (or unlucky) enough to be on the same train as the entire upper section of my school, who were also going to Arcachon for a dance performance. Its a good hour train, and I got many looks from locals wondering why I kept waving at these kids in the next carriage / playing games with them through the glass doors. However it did mean my mum got to meet my colleagues and some of my kids.

On the wednesday we went to St Emilion to become wine boffs. We went on a tour of the town in one of those snazzy white tourist train things, which was packed out with a group of retired french elderly people. Cute but annoying, I couldn't hear any of the fun historical facts over the men discussing the pro's and con's of any tractor of farm vehicle we passed on route to the vineyards. Thankfully we ditched them at the vineyard, where we got a tour of the grounds, the cellars, and of course a bit of tasting at the end.

 It was lovely to have her here as she hadn't visited yet, although she always manages to benefit from wherever I am on her birthday. Last year was Washington DC, this year Bordeaux, and we're already discussing Montreal next year... What a lucky lady!

I'll leave you with a sneak peek of the next blog... this is one of the kids at school at one of our recent events 'Dancing in the Street'. He is 5 years old and already a little MJ, such a proud parent.

Thanks for reading, another one is on the way soon!



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  1. I took a little longer to go over all the other posts, wow it's just amazing what you have done and experienced over the year. Next stop...Quebec...