Sunday, February 5, 2012

Janvier à Bordeaux!

I've been a bit pathetic with posting lately, sorry my life is really great and I've been far too busy.

I'm sure you haven't been able to sleep since the last post, seeing as left you on the gripping cliffhanger of whether or not I've won the King's cake yet. Well to stop your qualms, I can confirm that no, I am still a massive loser in every sense and have yet to win anything. I still keep stealing the hats and pretending to win though, yes, even from the kids at school... That probably suggests some kind of complex? my bad

Susie and Maddison's leaving meal :(

We've said bye to a few good friends recently in Bordeaux, with Maddison and Susie having left for Spain on their second part of their year abroad being the tri-lingual wonders they are. Martha will be leaving in a few weeks so our little group is very much dented. The highlight is that we have a nice trip to Spain or twelve coming our way when the weather warms up. Definitely no Negrita next time, lesson learned.

The french celebrate some kind of twisted version of pancake day, and it was the one day I decided would be appropriate to get really sick and be throwing up all day. I was so heartbroken I couldn't wow them with the skills every Brit accumulates over the years of pancake flipping, but alas I'll make them celebrate soon when the english day comes around. Despite Maria (absolute goddess at school who is in charge of the canteen and generally looking after me) reminding me of all the crêpe fun I'd missed out on, my favourite little chefs in class 2 were making them the day after, which I conveniently switched my lessons around for so my pure 'chance' they ended up making crêpes with me! There was also "british day" in the school canteen last week. The starter was spinach salad with croutons?! Those francais! Fish and chips was of course the main, but the teachers weren't that impressed. I tried to teach the children about traditional British food, and EVERY time i tried to get the younger ones to say 'fish', they replied with what sounded an awful lot like 'chips'. I hadn't even told them about fish and chips, it was genuine mispronunciation at it's finest. So so very cute!

I was also pleasantly surprised last weekend when I came home, very much hungover and I walked straight into a gaufre party! Gaufres are like waffles, and there's a machine here at home which I never knew existed. Marie had a bunch of friends over so we just spend a few hours pouring batter into the mould, then covering the gaufres in every topping available to us. It was so nice to just hang out with french people my own age, as most my friends here are admittedly english... They were all lovely and patient with my weak french but it was reassuring to know I actually understood most things, and was laughing at all the right times etc..

I'll leave you with a few pictures of what biscuits were on offer in the staff room last week. I feel they are far too naughty for a school but classic france! I suppose the kids can't read yet so it's ok that a teacher kept giving them to a child to comfort him whilst he was crying?!

'one night'
'come to bed'
'if you want'

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Perfect timing that you posted this on the same day as Auntie dor's 100 th birthday. Two momentous occasions, now I can't wait for the next installment.

  2. I am just so proud of my little niece experiencing all these wonderful things. Love you, be good and take care.